About me

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About me

My name is Oleg Kondrakhanov and I am a software engineer with more than 10 years experience. For now, I am highly interested in blockchain technologies, particularly Ethereum and Dapps.


Here are some of projects I am currently involved in (or was).

  1. BCShop.io - Ethereum based marketplace. I am CTO of this project, also I am the author of the platform’s smart contracts which are accessible here.
  2. https://justsmartcontracts.dev - Nice web UI for interacting with Ethereum smart contracts. Project is open-source, please check this repository and that one.


Some of my writings, mostly about Ethereum blockchain.

  1. Caching Ethereum events with MySQL
  2. Introducing JustSmartContracts.dev
  3. Coding insights: What happens during a transaction in Ethereum?
  4. Think Twice Before Using Enums in Solidity Smart Contracts
  5. Serving a Node.js Express App From a Subfolder — a Routing Lifehack
  6. How to store your Ether